Jane Foster finds the Hammer instead of Don Blake and becomes "Thordis". This item definitely has character. I wouldn't expect this one to appreciate much in value. As you can see in the images, there's heavy wear and tear to the issue.

Issue notes: Letters page replies by Roy Thomas. Cover art identification 2005 by Steven Tice. Cover is an homage to the cover of Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 1952 series) #83.

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Issue Details

  • Publisher: Marvel
  • Store Date: August 10, 1978
  • Cover Price: $0.60
  • Editing: Roy Thomas
  • Script: Don Glut
  • Pencils: John Buscema, Rick Hoberg, Sal Buscema
  • Inks:  John Buscema, Dave Hunt, Joe Sinnott
  • Colors: Carl Gafford
  • Letters: Gaspar Saladino, Carol Lay, Jim Novak
  • GCIN: 138962

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