In this amazing issue of The Uncanny X-Men, Kulan Gath, a Conan villain, turns Manhattan into a medieval nightmare. Featuring appearances by Spiderman and The Avengers.

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Important Product Note: Product is still contained in it's "original packaging". The price tag reflects its price tag at the time of purchase - sometime between the publication date and the late 90's. The sticker is not adhered to the comic itself. Only the outside sleeve which has been preserved for its nostalgic aesthetic and will be included with your order.

Issue Details

  • Issue: #190
  • Published: February, 1985
  • Cover Price: $0.60
  • Pages: 36
  • Cover Details: "Plus guest stars Spiderman and The Avengers"
  • Script: Chris Claremont
  • Editing: Peter Sanderson, Ann Nocenti
  • Pencils: John Romita, Jr.
  • Inks: Dan Green
  • Colors: Glynis Wein
  • Letters: Ron Zalme, Tom Orzechowski

Data courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under Creative Commons license.

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