10" Megabyte Action Figure. The main villain from 1994's CGI science fiction cartoon, ReBoot. This vintage action figure, made by Irwin, is loose and does not come with any additional accessories. It features a swivel-pivot ball joint in the hip that makes it very unique and also very posable. It stands surprisingly well, even without the display stand. Is it just me or does Megabyte kinda look like Kelsey Grammer?

ReBoot was a Canadian import cartoon that quickly gained popularity because it was one of, if not, the first fully computer generated cartoon. At least by our memory. By today's standards, it looks terrible! But, ReBoot ushered in a new era of fully computer animated shows like Transformers Beast Wars and more.

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Product Details

  • Produced By: Irwin / MFE
  • UPC: Unknown
  • MPN: Unknown
  • Year: 1994
  • Condition: Figure Only


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Product Condition

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