War of the Gods: Part 23. "...and They call the Wind Pariah!" Starring Deathstroke, Red Star, Pantha, and Phantasm. Guest-starring Pariah. Written by Marv Wolfman. Art by Curt Swan and Al Vey. Cover by Kerry Gammill and Al Vey. Where ever the enigmatic man called Pariah treads, a great crisis is sure to follow. Can Deathstroke and his team figure out what is coming before it's too late? Don't bet on it. Story continues in War of the Gods (1991).

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Issue Details

  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Store Date: December 10, 1991
  • Cover Price: $1.75
  • Editing: Jonathan Peterson
  • Script: Marv Wolfman, Michael Eury
  • Pencils: Kerry Gammill, Curt Swan
  • Inks: Al Vey
  • Colors: Matt Hollingsworth
  • Letters: John Costanza, Typeset
  • GCIN: 198766

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