From Abomination to Avengers Quinjet. Number 1 in a series of twelve. Collect em all! Package and stickering is also vintage. Sticker is not adhered to comic itself. Only to the outer packaging.

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Issue Details

  • Issue: #1
  • Published: January 1983
  • Cover Price: $1.00
  • Pages: 36
  • Editing: Mark Gruenwald; Michael Carlin [Mike Carlin] (Assistant Editor); Jim Shooter (Editor-In-Chief)
  • Cover Details: "A: From Abomination To Avengers Quinjet"
  • Pencils: Edward Hannigan [Ed Hannigan]
  • Inks: Joe Rubinstein [As Josef Rubinstein]
  • Colors: Andy Yanchus

Data courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under Creative Commons license.

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