A Different Kind of Family Business

My name is David Black Jr., Founder of Forward Generation. In the early 90's, I watched my dad broker and barter in comic shops in Southern New Jersey. As we both got older, I watched him buy and sell like an animal on eBay.

Over time, he amassed this impressive collection of sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture memorabilia. He painstakingly poured all of his obsessions and compulsions into maintaining and completing sets of trading cards and comics. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

He managed all of his online relationships with other buyers and sellers, flawlessly documenting everything he could about the transaction. I watched him hustle on the side for many years until the day he died in 2006.

"This is all going to be yours one day."

It was heartbreaking and I didn't expect the collection to "become mine" so soon. My uncle and I packed everything up, very carefully as to respect the time and energy he put into it. We stored it away safely because we knew he had made sound investments in these items.

Fifteen years later, I'm now putting everything I know about Ecommerce, Customer Service and Brand Development into Forward Generation - a name that has stuck with me for a long time. My dad even had a few fictitious business names that he'd throw around. That's where I get it from. But, I'm not satisfied with business ideas and concepts, I want this to be the real thing.

I want Forward Generation to be a brand that doesn't take itself too seriously. But carries a quiet confidence - Confidence in our knowledge and in our level of service. Your product will be shipped with the utmost care; We will not share your personal information; We are here when you need us and, above all, we will absolutely never sell you a steaming pile of crap because your trust is incredible important to us.

I've curated many items from my Dad's collection, combined with products that I love from around the internet to bring you Forward Generation 1.0 - A small comic shop with a big presence. Thank you so much for reading.

- David Black