Classic Stories by Thomas, Adams & Palmer. Featuring full-color, wraparound cover art and contains three stories titled "Monsters Also Weep" (reprinted from X-Men #61, October 1969), "Strangers in a Savage Land" (reprinted from X-Men #62, November 1969) and "War in the World Below!" (reprinted from X-men #63, December 1969) .

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Issue Details

  • Issue: #3
  • Published: February 1984
  • Cover Price: $2.00
  • Pages: 52
  • Editing: Carl Potts; Ann Nocenti
  • Cover Details: Wraparound artwork
  • Pencils: Mike Zeck, Neal Adams
  • Inks: Tom Palmer
  • Colors: Daina Graziunas
  • Letters: Sam Rosen

Data courtesy of the Grand Comics Database under Creative Commons license.

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