Why the X-Files Is Still Worth Watching

by David Black
Why the X-Files Is Still Worth Watching

Attention is the new currency, especially for the up and coming generation of Sci Fi / Horror fans. Whether you fall into that category or you're just looking for an opinion, here's our case as to why the X-Files are still worth watching today.

The show pairs FBI agents Mulder and Scully to work on cases dubbed the X-Files - unresolved cases, shelved due to a lack of evidence. But, often including eye-witness accounts of paranormal events.

Agent Fox Mulder, a true believer in all things alien and paranormal, and Agent Dana Scully, a doctor and woman of science, share a chemistry predicated upon contrast. Despite their differences, the two uncover a government conspiracy to hide the truth about extraterrestrial life.

Is X-files Still Worth Watching?

The widespread opinion is absolutely yes! Even by today's standards, the X-files is definitely worth watching. It's an age old story mixed with themes that have been spun a million ways since then. But, if you love a little alien conspiracy with your character development, then the X-Files is right for you.

The X-Files fell into two categories. The main mythology of the show dealt with an alien conspiracy and had real depth, building throughout each season in a logical way. Then, there were filler episodes dubbed Monster-of-the-Week. Typically, these were standalone plots. The twists and turns (the real meat of the show) happen in the main story line while the MOTW episodes may be less compelling to modern viewers. But still a lot of fun.

Let's not forget about the perfect push and pull between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Even if you come for the movie monsters, you'll get sucked into the dynamic of this polarizing duo. Writer Chris Carter selected David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to take the lead in the series. Both brought their characters to life and their relationship develops adorably and powerfully on screen.

What Lessons Can Modern Viewers Learn from The X-Files?

The truth is out there! The X-Files stretched the genres of science fiction and horror and also raised the standards of the modern cop show. Many episodes had big cinematic moments and touched on controversial topics such as incest and rape. Even the most scathing critics of the show have to admit that the constant about-face on twists and plots gave the X-Files a fresh feel from season to season. 

The main lesson modern viewers can take away from the show is not to settle for boring, derivative plots and rehashed themes. X-Files was unequivocally original. Not that many shows can say that almost 30 years later.

Were Any X-files Series Based on True Events?

Several episodes were based on true events, if only loosely. For example, "Space" and "Irresistible" capitalized on events occurring at the time the episodes were shot.

Space follows a plot dreamed up by creator Chris Carter after he read about “the face on Mars.” The show uses NASA stock footage of a geographic feature on Mars that many people believe resembles a face. The show takes advantage of the loss of the Mars Observer around the time the episode was taped.

Irresistible is based on victims' claims that Jeffrey Dahmer was a shapeshifter. The episode had no paranormal elements, focusing on a taunting serial killer instead. The network refused to air the original plot that featured a necrophiliac.

"Home" was based on a Pennsylvania family where incest was rampant, resulting in progeny with extremely low IQs.

So, is the X-Files still worth watching? We truly recommend it since there are several other episodes based on real events and the unique plots have a way of surprising even modern viewers.

Where Can I Watch X-Files Today?

X-Files is no longer on Netflix, but you can still watch it on Hulu and Amazon Prime. On Prime, you have to pay by the episode or the season, so you may want to curate episodes that have great reviews and skip the ones that were given rotten tomatoes by fans. But, personally, the bad episodes are some of the best to watch.

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by David Black

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